The result of an amazing spray tan is based 50% on the artists work and 50% on the clients preparation & aftercare of the tan.

Follow the Spray Tan Prep + Aftercare checklists below to ensure you achieve the glow of your dreams!


SHAVE + EXFOLIATE. Remove all unwanted body hair and exfoliate, using a proper exfoliating mitt the night before your appointment or days leading up. 

I recommend sitting in a warm bath for at least 10 minutes to warm up the skin and then using the exfoliating mitt to scrub off dead skin or old tan, then pop in the shower to rinse off and do the rest of your routine.

Avoid using creamy cleansers, heavily fragranced products or dove products as they can dry out, strip the skin and leave and unwanted residue that your spray tan wont love.

NO PRODUCTS. Remove all lotions, deodorants, oils, makeup and fragrances prior to your appointment.

These products can all create a barrier between your skin and the DHA resulting in an uneven tan, green armpits, and blotchiness.


If you have extra dry skin ( because we do live in YYC) you can hydrate in the AM of your appointment and days leading up to your appointment, better to have hydrated skin than dehydrated.

WASH YOUR HAIR. Make sure to wash your hair prior to your appointment (or plan out your hair washing schedule). Ingredients in shampoo + conditioner can interfere with development of your sunless tan so I always recommend you don't wash your hair during your first rinse.

WHAT TO WEAR: We recommend loose dark clothing. No bra, no leggings, no tight closed toe shoes, etc. If you are marinating overnight (aka sleeping in your tan) ensure that you wear long sleeves and pants to bed. This prevents transfer to the palms!

PLAN YOUR DAY ACCORDINGLY. We know the world doesn't stop spinning because you're getting a spray tan, but please plan ahead to allow your tan to develop. ( Do all your other beauty routines prior, no working out while wearing solution etc)


DO NOT GET WET. Once the solution is sprayed on your body  you must not have any exposure to water, do not get wet or sweat.

NO SKIN TO SKIN CONTACT . Avoid any skin to skin contact with yourself or anyone else until your rinse. Colour may transfer to palms or other areas of the body resulting in stained palm and fingers and errors on the skin while the tan is developing. 

RINSE AT YOUR DESIGNATED TIME. There is a reason we give you a specific time to rinse and its because we want the colour to develop correctly. Rinsing too early may result in colour developing too light or too dark if you leave it on longer than advised.


INITAL RINSE. Your first shower will be a quick rinse ONLY. No soap, no scrubbing. Using only lukewarm water do a quick rinse to remove the bronzer from the skin. You can use your hand to remove the bronzer, when the water runs clear your rinse is done.

Pat dry with a towel & do not rub.

MOISTURIZE. Moisturize the skin 2X daily to pro long your tan and keep it hydrated! Use spray tan safe products ( We carry some at SPRAE!) A hydrated tan is a happy tan!

DRINK H20  Our body needs to hydrate from within so be sure to drink 1-2L of water per day leading up to your spray tan appointment & afterwards.